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    Cold and flu are very common among children, but not always easy to treat. Learn what the signs and symptoms of a cold and flu are so you can find quick and easy treatment solutions so the entire family can feel their best every day.

    Signs and Symptoms of Cold and Flu

    Cold symptoms, including runny or stuffy nose, sore throat, cough and congestion, typically appear one to three days after exposure to a cold-causing virus and can last for up to two weeks.1

    Children are one of the most at-risk groups for getting the flu because their immune systems are still developing.2 Flu symptoms in children may include a 100 degree fever or higher or feeling feverish, a cough/or sore throat, a runny or stuffy nose, headaches and/or body aches, chills, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea.2 Cold and flu tend to have many of the same symptoms and can be treated with the same medications. Make sure you are aware of the signs and symptoms of cold and flu so you can find the best treatment solutions to help your little one get back to feeling their best.

    Almost everyone ages 6 months and older should get a flu shot each year. Your child can get a flu shot from your Walgreens pharmacist or Healthcare Clinic nurse practitioner (state and age restrictions apply).

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    What are the treatment guidelines for cold and flu?

    For a child's cold, often the simplest solutions are rest, fluids, and keeping the air moist with a humidifier. But if these aren't easing or comforting your child, there are many OTC medications that may help.

    Make sure to read the box before administering to make sure the medication matches your child's symptoms. Keeping in mind the proper age guidelines for medications is important when treating little one's cold and flu symptoms. It is also important to avoid duplicating ingredients when using multi-symptom cold products with several ingredients.

    • For children under 4 years: Consult your child's doctor before using any cold and flu medications.
    • For children ages 4 and up: You may use pediatric cold and flu medications, but follow label guidelines.




    Sore Throat

    Runny Nose


    Multi-symptom relief medications contain a combination of different ingredients to help alleviate multiple symptoms simultaneously. They sometimes contain acetaminophen, which helps reduce swelling and pressure associated with congestion, and expectorants that help loosen phlegm so it can be removed more easily while coughing.

    childrens triaminic

    Walgreens brand Multi-Symptom Cold Liquid relieves cough and nasal congestion and helps loosenphlegm for children ages 4 to 12.

    Triaminic Multi-Symptom Fever & Cold Liquid helps relieve minor aches, pains, headaches, sore throat, runny and stuffy nose and cough. The product also temporarily reduces fever.




    Pseudoephedrine and phenylephrine help unclog a stuffy nose by constricting blood vessels in the nose and reducing blood flow to mucous membranes. This results in less mucus and a more open nasal cavity.

    dimetapp little remedies

    Dimetapp Children's Cold & Cough Liquid helps provide nasal symptom relief of stuffy and running nose, sneezing and temporarily relieves cough. It is used for throat and bronchial irritation.

    Little Noses Decongestant Nose Drops relieves nasal congestion for common cold, hay fever and temporarily restores freer breathing.




    Dextromethorphan in cough suppressants work by blocking your cough reflex and will help quiet your child's cough.

    Guaifenesin in expectorants help loosen up mucus in the lungs and airways so it's easier to cough up.

    mucinex cough dm

    Walgreens brand Children's DM 12 Hour Suspension Liquid temporarily relieves cough for common cold. It provides 12 hours of relief.

    Children's Mucinex Cough Expectorant and Suppressant helps loosen phlegm, temporarily relieves cough and is alcohol-free.




    Minor aches/pains


    Analgesics with active ingredients like acetaminophen or ibuprofen reduce pain associated with sore throat and temporarily reduce fever.

    childrens motrin infants pain and fever

    Children's Motrin Ibuprofen Liquid relieves aches and pains, works fast on fever and lasts up to 8 hours.

    Walgreens brand Infant's Pain & Fever Acetaminophen relieves minor aches and pains, temporarily reduces fever, and is alcohol, aspirin and ibuprofen free.


    Helpful Items to Have on Hand for the Cold and Flu Season

    • Plenty of fluids to stay hydrated
    • Facial tissue
    • Thermometer and rubbing alcohol to clean after use
    • Vapor rubs for children older than 2 years
    • Pediatric bulb syringe
    • Cold mist humidifier
    • Pediatric saline spray or drops
    • Petroleum jelly for chapped noses
    • Books, crayons, puzzles or other fun activities to keep little ones entertained while on the mend

    Ask your Walgreens pharmacist what's right for your child's individual needs. You can ask right now on Pharmacy Chat available 24/7 or stop at your local Walgreens*. For more information, visit


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