Groom Rises From Wheelchair to Dance With Bride

photo of groom standing up from wheelchair
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Newlywed Hugo Rohling has been using a wheelchair since he was in a motorcycle accident in 2014. But he surprised his bride, Cinthia Zanuni, at their wedding by getting up to dance with her -- with a big assist from his father and brother.

A friend strapped the three men’s legs together, and then Rohling put his arms and around his father’s and brother’s shoulders. Together they rose up, allowing the groom and his beaming bride to sway to the music together.

“You are undoubtedly my best choice,” Zanuni wrote in Portuguese on her husband’s Facebook page.

As their video shows, the love of friends and family can be good medicine for everyone. “Strong social support plays such an important part in impacting health and happiness,” says WebMD Medical Editor Neha Pathak, MD.

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Neha Pathak, MD, medical editor, WebMD.

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