Medical Provider Information Sheet

Medically Reviewed by Jabeen Begum, MD on November 03, 2021

If you have a chronic health condition, you may find yourself meeting new doctors on a regular basis. Sharing your health history with each medical provider is essential, but it's also time-consuming. It's also important that you don't forget any of the most important details about your health to ensure that your new doctor can get your treatment right.

To make sure you share up-to-date and accurate information with your doctors, you can create a health information sheet to bring with you to appointments. Your doctor can add it to your chart as a reference for your health history. You may even be able to send it to the doctor's office before you arrive, so your doctor is already up to speed.

The information sheet should include:

  • Age, height, and weight
  • Preferred name and pronouns
  • Health insurance information
  • All diagnoses
  • Medication allergies
  • Current medications you are taking
  • Past surgeries
  • Names and contact information for your other doctors
  • Accommodations you need such as a language interpreter, accessible restrooms, or preferred appointment times