Tell Us Your Best Stress-Busting Tips

Medically Reviewed by Jabeen Begum, MD on November 03, 2021

Stress is part of everyone’s daily life. When you think back to your last stressful moment, it was probably not too long ago. People have to handle stress from their families, their jobs, and all of the day-to-day necessities of life. 

Living with a serious diagnosis can make all of these normal stressors much more difficult to deal with and can create many new stressful situations. When you’re stressed, you have to use more energy on those problems instead of on your condition, so symptoms could get worse. That’s why everyone needs helpful tips to handle stress, and we want to know what techniques work best for you. 

  • Do you try to break your problems up into more manageable sizes? Do you try to mentally re-orient yourself in other ways?
  • Does exercise help you feel more calm and able to deal with stress? 
  • Have you tried breathing exercises and meditation? 
  • Does keeping a daily notebook or journal help you organize your thoughts and put your stress into perspective?

Let us know more about how you handle stress in your life, including how often you use your techniques. Post your response to the group and tag us on social media to keep the conversation going. 

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