VA Resignations After Maggots Found in Man's Wound

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Dec. 5, 2016 -- After a resident of an Oklahoma veterans facility was found to have maggots in a wound, four medical staff at the center resigned instead of possibly being fired.

The patient, identified by his son as 73-year-old Owen Reese Peterson, died Oct. 3. The maggots were found while he was alive at the facility, but the maggots did not cause his death, according to Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs executive director Myles Deering, the Associated Press reported.

The patient came to the center in Talihina, about 130 miles southeast of Tulsa, with an infection and died of sepsis, officials said..

A physician's assistant and three nurses, including the director of nursing, resigned after an investigation was completed, according to the agency. Spokesman Shane Faulkner said all four resigned before the termination process began, the AP reported.

The case was reported to the Oklahoma State Department of Health and the local district attorney to determine if any charges should be filed.