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    After a crisis, it helps to talk with someone who cares, someone who listens. Whether you were directly affected by the tragedy Sept. 11, 2001, or are coping with another form of loss, find help from April Naturale, director of Project Liberty, in the WebMD Auditorium.
    Sept. 11, Noon ET
    One Year Later: Dealing With Anxiety (transcript)
    Oct. 11, Noon ET
    After 9-11: Building Strong Relationships (transcript)
    Nov. 11, Noon ET
    Holidays and Loss (transcript)
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    Understanding the Impact of 9/11
    WebMD Original Feature, published September 5, 2002.
    As a nation, are we more anxious or resilient? As an individual, do you still wake with worry or do you cocoon with loved ones? Researchers are just beginning to learn how 9-11 changed the way we live our lives. Find out what they know here.
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    The Healing Power of Grieving
    WebMD Original Feature, published January 7, 2002.
    As a country, we've had more than our share of sorrow. We've also shown the world what we're made of -- maintaining a collective stiff upper lip while following leaders' instructions to go about our normal lives. But is this typically American response to tragedy the best approach?
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    Successfully Managing Stress
    WebMD Medical News, published October 10, 2001.
    Take the time to develop good coping skills. What do you have to gain? Just more energy, peace and a sense of purpose.
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    Learning to Connect
    WebMD Medical Reference with Dean Ornish, MD
    Talking about your feelings with those you love is an important first step toward emotional and physical health. Yet it's also one of the most difficult steps we take. Here, find 6 ways to get started on this path.
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    10 Ways to Calm Your Nerves
    WebMD Original Feature, published September 2002.
    Still feeling jumpy after Sept. 11? That's normal, says Jerilyn Ross, MA, LICSW, president of the Anxiety Disorders Association of American. She offers 10 tips to soothe your nerves.
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