7 Safety Tips for Your Christmas Tree

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You've got a spectacular Christmas tree in mind for your den. Now, make sure it's safe with these seven tips.

If you're buying an artificial tree, get one that's labeled "fire resistant" or "flame retardant".

If you're buying the real deal, choose one with wood that's fresh, not dry. You want flexible branches and needles that don't fall off when you touch them.

When you bring a live tree home, cut two inches off the base of its trunk to help it absorb H2O and give it fresh water daily.

Place your tree away from exits and sources of heat, like a fireplace or a radiator.

Anchor it down tight with a sturdy stand so little kids and pets can't knock it over. Keep wires and small ornaments out of reach too.

Choose and use your decorations wisely. Buy lights that have been lab tested. Replace loose bulb connections, and get rid of worn or broken cords. Turn off the lights before you go to bed, and never decorate a tree with lit candles.

Once Christmas is over, a live tree that dries up is a fire hazard. So get rid of yours through a local recycling program.

Enjoy your holiday, and make it a safe one.