How Often to Clean Your Bathroom

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Toilet droplets can travel six feet when you flush with the lid open. Plus, dirt and mold want to invade your bathroom, too. So how often should you clean in there?

Wipe off shower walls and doors with a cloth each time you finish bathing to keep mold away. Scrub your shower stall or bathtub, and the floor right around it, once a week with an all-purpose bathroom cleaner. Give towels, bath mats, and small area rugs a weekly wash in cold water, or hot if someone's sick. Disinfect your sink at least once a week if you can't do it daily.

Rinse and wring out your sponge each time you use it, and put it in an open dish. Replace it every two weeks. Scrub inside your toilet bowl with a cleanser once a week. Clean the brush by leaving it in when you flush. Sponge off the outside of the toilet, too. Finally, clean your shower curtains once a month with a light bleach solution.