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Actionsets are topics designed to help you or someone you care for take an active role in managing a health condition. Managing a health condition means taking a set of actions to better control the condition's effect on you and to prevent long-term problems.


  • Provide action-oriented tools and information that you can use in day-to-day management of your health conditions.
  • Contain information that will help you better understand the effect of the actions you take.
  • Include interactive quizzes that allow you to measure your knowledge.

Actionpoint This image identifies links to Actionsets, which generally appear in the Home Treatment section of selected topics. Actionsets can also be found in the Health Tools section of a topic.

Information in an Actionset


  • Medical information or key concepts related to the action
  • The purpose of the action


  • Why the action is important
  • What benefits or drawbacks could result from taking action
  • What benefits or drawbacks could result from not taking action


  • Steps involved in taking action
  • Tools to help you track your progress, remind you about important steps, and other related information


  • Other resources and organizations that can help you take action
  • Other actions to take
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