Dust Allergy Checklist

Medically Reviewed by Carol DerSarkissian on December 07, 2020
  1. Control clutter -- Especially in your bedroom. It cuts down on dust and makes cleaning easier.
  2. Cover your mattress and pillows. Dust-proof covers keep mites out.
  3. Wash all bedding weekly. Use hot water to kill dust mites.
  4. Dust with a damp rag. Dampness stops dust from getting in the air.
  5. Vacuum at least weekly. A vacuum with a HEPA filter catches allergens.
  6. Leave the house after cleaning. Let dust settle before you come back.
  7. Keep humidity under 50%.Dust mites love damp, moist air. Dehumidifiers can help.
  8. Remove carpets. They trap dust. Replace with washable throw rugs.
  9. Ditch the drapes and blinds. They catch dust and are hard to clean.
  10. Cover indoor vents with cheesecloth. It can catch dust and allergens.
  11. Wash stuffed animals. Trapped dust triggers symptoms in allergic kids.
  12. Freeze hard-to-clean toys. 48 hours in the freezer will kill dust mites.
  13. Clean and change AC and furnace filters. (MERV 8 or better are recommended.) It keeps dust from circulating.
  14. Get rid of dusty furniture. Overstuffed couches and throw pillows hide dust mites.
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