Tips for Fighting Winter Allergies

It's winter and the air outdoors is crisp and pollen-free. But make sure the air indoors is just as clean to prevent allergies.

Warm Up

A cozy night in front of a warm fireplace -- there's nothing better. Just make sure you store firewood outside, to keep mold and pollen where it belongs.

Clean Heating Ducts and Filters

Dust and dust mites thrive because of your heating system. Professional cleaners can give your ducts a clean bill of health. Change heat system filters at least once a month.

Wash Fido and Fluffy

When it's cold outside, pets need to come in. Their dander is a year round issue but is especially an issue when they need to be indoors. You just need to keep them in a confined living area. Keep carpets and furniture vacuumed and cleaned. Also, give them a bath every week if pet dander is a problem.