Feeding Supplies to Buy

Feeding time is a special time to bond. You can make feeding time as relaxing as possible by having all the needed supplies on hand. This list will help you get organized.

For Keeping Everything Clean

  • Bottle and nipple-cleaning brush
  • Dishwasher basket for cleaning bottles and nipples
  • 12 burp cloths
  • 6 bibs

For Your Comfort and Ease

  • Feeding pillows. For bottle feeding, you might find a regular pillow under your arm is all you need. Some bottle-feeding moms also like to use one of the pillows made specifically to help with breastfeeding. For nursing moms, these pillows can help you position your baby to make it easier for her to latch. They can also help take pressure off your back and arms. They come in different styles and sizes. Some fit around your waist, some go on your lap, and others fit under your breasts. There are even some made especially for twins.
  • Footstool. Many nursing women find that raising their feet on a footstool takes the pressure off their backs. You might already have a footstool that works. But there are also specially made nursing footstools. Some women like gliders so they have the double benefit of rocking and raising their feet.

For Breastfeeding

  • Breast pump, rented or purchased (A lactation consultant can help you decide.). Breast pumps allow you to pump milk so that someone else can feed your baby. This is important if you need to leave your baby for a significant amount of time (for example, if you are working). Breast pumps also come in handy when your breasts get engorged and your baby is too sleepy to help you out. With a breast pump, you can pump some of the milk out and save it for later.
  • Nursing bras
  • Nursing pads. These thin pads fit inside your bra to absorb breast milk that leaks.
  • 6 bottles, BPA-free (for pumped milk)
  • 6 nipples, covers
  • Nipple cream for sore, cracked nipples (Ask your pediatrician which ones are safe for your baby.)

For Formula Feeding

  • 12 bottles, BPA-free
  • 12 nipples, covers
  • Formula (Ask your pediatrician for recommendations.)
  • Measuring cups (Get a couple in case one is dirty.)
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