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    Prepare to Head Home continued...

    These medical checks and weigh-ins after are important for preemies -- and reassuring for parents.

    Measure milestones. To chart your premature baby's development, your doctor will use his corrected age. That’s the age in weeks minus the number of weeks she was premature. So, if your baby was born 8 weeks early, at age 6 months his corrected age is 4 months.

    But preemies get shots at the same ages as full-term babies. Most catch up to their peers developmentally in 2 to 3 years.

    Keep traffic to a minimum. “It’s nice to have visitors -- especially ones that bring food, clean the house, and take care of siblings,” Donohue says.

    Just don’t overdo it. They should always wash their hands and should limit or avoid touching your baby. Anyone he comes into contact with should be healthy and fully immunized. 

    Take care of yourself. When you’re focused on your new little one, it can be easy to neglect your needs. Ask your friends and family for help. Make the most of outside resources.

    Take good care of yourself, because that will help you take the best care of your baby.

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