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Question -- can I have sex?

If you're healthy, go for it -- unless your doctor says not to. As your baby bump grows, you might have to try different positions to stay comfortable. But rest assured, sex won't hurt your little one.

Can I dye my hair?

Yep! Just follow the instructions closely, wear gloves, and rinse your head afterward.

Can I take hot baths?

No, that could be dangerous, because the heat could raise your body temperature. Skip the hot tub and sauna, too.

Is it OK to fly?

Sure. If you've had a healthy pregnancy, it should be fine for you to take flights through your 36th week. After that, your doctor or an airline might recommend against it. That's mainly to help you avoid delivering your baby at cruising altitude, in coach.

Is it safe for me to get a flu shot?

Yes, and it's super-important for you to get one. You'll be protecting yourself and your baby from potentially serious health problems.

Is it OK for me to go to the dentist?

Absolutely. Just let the office know you're pregnant, and tell them about any meds you're taking. One bonus perk of going? Your dentist can ease any mouth-related pregnancy symptoms you're having.

Question -- Is it safe to pet my cat?

Sure. Just ask someone else to change Fluffy's litterbox, or wear gloves and a face mask if you have to do it. You'll avoid getting an infection that could cause birth defects or a miscarriage.