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Sleep doesn't come easy when you've got a growing baby bump. Here are 7 tips that can help you unwind and get a more comfortable night's rest as your due date approaches.

Sleeping on your back can make it ache or give you heartburn. So get shut-eye on your side instead.

Tuck an extra pillow between your legs. And if your back hurts, place another pillow under your belly.

You need to stay hydrated during the day, but try not to drink 2-3 hours before you hit the hay. That might help you avoid waking up to make a trip to the bathroom.

Destress before you go to bed. You could take a warm shower, try deep breathing, or meditate -- whatever helps you unwind.

Turn your room into a sleep sanctuary. That means keep the temperature comfortable, don't watch TV in bed, and consider playing soothing sounds, music, or using a white noise app.

If leg cramps wake you up, press your feet hard against a wall to ease them. Or stand on the leg that hurts -- just hold onto something for balance.

Ask your doctor if you're getting enough calcium, too. Get some aerobic exercise during the day to help you sleep more soundly. Ask your doctor what's safe for you to do.