Urine Tests

Reviewed by Dan Brennan, MD on August 09, 2022

Who Gets the Test?

All women get urine tests during pregnancy. You might get the test during each doctor's visit. Urine tests are a standard way of checking on your health.

What the Test Does

Urine tests check levels of protein, glucose, and blood as well as identify signs of infection. Unusual urine tests can be a sign of problems, such as diabetes, preeclampsia (high blood pressure), or kidney and bladder infection. All of these conditions are treatable. Urine tests won't tell you anything specific about your baby's health.

How the Test Is Done

You'll urinate into a sterile cup. Your doctor will send it to a lab for testing.

What to Know About Test Results

If any of your test results are unusual, don't worry. That doesn't necessarily mean there's a problem. Many women have occasional high glucose levels, for instance.

Your doctor will probably suggest follow-up tests. If there is a problem, treatment will help keep you and your baby healthy.


How Often the Test Is Done During Your Pregnancy

You'll get a urine test on your first prenatal visit. Your doctor will do further tests, typically at every test.  

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