6 Steps to Success

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Hey, as you're on this road to health and wellness, I wanted to give you six steps to success.

First and foremost, clean your kitchen.

Go into your cupboards.

Throw out the foods that aren't good for you anymore.

Get rid of the high salt, all the sugar foods.

Get them out of there.

If it's not there, you're not going to eat it.

Secondarily, clean your closet.

If you have some clothes that you've been wearing which are little big, get them out of there, too.

Stick with the stuff that fits you right now, or stuff that you hope to get into real soon.

Third, clean your appearance up.

Maybe go get yourself a new haircut.

Possibly shave, something I might think of too.

Fourth step, what I want you to do is create your workspace.

If you're going to be doing home workouts, set up a little space where you can put some dumbbells out, maybe a mat.

But create your own place that you're going to work from.

Then from there, we're going to create a vision board as step five.

A vision board is something that you hope to achieve.

Maybe you have a picture of yourself when you felt really strong and healthy.

Put it up there.

If there's some clothes you want to wear someday, put them up there.

If there's a dream trip you want to have, put it all on that vision board.

Whatever it is you're hoping to get, put it up there for yourself.

And lastly, write in a journal.

It's really important to keep track of what's going on, the highs and the lows.

And it's amazing at the end, if you stick with things consistently over time and you get to those results, it's always fun to look back at what happened if you've tracked it in a journal.

So those are your six steps to success.