How Stress Builds

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How can I stop stress from building up?

Patricia Farrell, PhD
Well, make a list. That's one of the first things I say. Make a list of the things that you are doing and then see carefully, give yourself a little time. See that's the problem. People don't want to give themselves the time. You can't do this in 10 minutes. It may take a couple of weeks, but you can be creative.

Patricia Farrell, PhD (cont.)
You can find other ways or people who will assist you who will help you, who will give you a little respite, alright. People who will carry a little bit more of the load. Maybe your husband, maybe whoever, somebody in the house. So allow them. Maybe give the kids a little more independence. Or a bigger expectation.

Patricia Farrell, PhD (cont.)
Don't keep thinking of them as children, as incapable. What you're doing is you're preparing them for life. If you don't help them learn about life, how can they possibly go out there and be well adjusted adults when you've done everything for them. Help them to see that life has things that you have to do for yourself, solutions that you have to come up with. That's one of the biggest things that you can do, and one of the biggest ways that you can probably get that stress a little more in control.