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Narrator: Grunting over heavy bags. Wading through long lines. Disrobing for airport security. Travel can be stressful anytime in today's post 9-11 world, but factor in the holidays…

Felicia Browder: People have to pack their patience. Pack your patience with everything else, be considerate of others, and everything will go smooth.

Narrator: Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. If you can find your way here without losing your mind, chances are you can travel anywhere, anytime. Tip number one: Plan ahead. Use airport websites to track your flight…. Tip two: Arrive early. And dress for convenience and comfort. If you can.

Col. Todd Morrow: When you are wearing this uniform you have to take everything out of pockets, take your top off, and take your boots off, because it's a little more than just taking of a pair of loafers.

Narrator: Tip three: Know the rules on liquids…the Transportation Security Administration has implementated the 3-1-1 plan to help make the restrictions more clear.

Christopher White: We currently allow 3 ounce containers of liquid, gel, and aerosal in a one quart zip top bag. Each passenger is allowed one bag and must be placed seperately on the xray belt.

Narrator: To move through security checkpoints take tip 4 from a seasoned traveler.

Traveler: No, no I don't. Not anymore

Narrator: Not anymore travel on bags, that is.

Traveler: Now I check everything

Christopher White: The 3-1-1 solution works very well for some that travel over night or on a short weekend trip. We still have to highly encourage passengers to put items in their checked baggage.

Narrator: And don't let those long security lines stress you. They move faster than you think.

Christopher White: The more time you spend preparing for screening the less time you'll spend going through the screening. Take all the metal off, take the watch off, take the key ring out of your pocket, money clip if you have one, and put it in the carry on baggage. Any shoe with a thick sole or thick heel will be subjected to additional screening. One option is to wear something with a very thin sole, or be prepared to take the shoe off….

Narrator: Tip five. Get plenty of rest before you travel, and limit alcohol and caffeine while you travel. Of course, some folks have the right attitude from the beginning.

Narrator: Do you feel stressed when you travel on the Airplanes?

Traveler: Never..I love the airport. I actually enjoy watching other people stressing, it makes me feel better about myself.

Narrator: Wishing you a stress free holiday, I'm Sandee LaMotte