WebMD Now: Two New Habits for a Happier New Year

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The start of a new year is a great opportunity to make some changes. Instead of the same old unrealistic resolutions, we have two totally doable habits to help bring a more positive you into the new year. Here's how.

Start each day with an affirmation. This is a short, inspiring sentence you'll use to build yourself up and remind yourself that you're worthwhile, smart, and strong. And as the day plays on, repeat your positive pick-me-up often. Exactly what you say to yourself is up to you, but researchers know that this small tweak to your routine gives you long-lasting benefits for both your head and your heart.

So remind yourself of your worth. You'll probably face plenty of challenging people this year. And you'll handle their negative vibes a lot better thanks to your new positive outlook.

Next, you gotta put the new positive you into action. Each day, don't just say something positive, do something positive too. This can be anything from a random act of kindness, to hitting the gym, or even connecting with a friend. This combo approach of thoughts and actions delivers mental and physical perks that last far beyond a single act.

So give it the old one-two punch. When you're more positive and share that good energy with those around you, it spreads. And you create a positive loop that comes back around to you. I'm positive.