Breast Augmentation: 40 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

If you’re considering surgery for breast augmentation, it's important to learn about the procedure, the differences between implants, recovery, complications, and financial issues.

Finding the Right Surgeon

Before any cosmetic surgery, it’s most important to find a properly trained, experienced plastic surgeon. With the surge of interest in cosmetic procedures, many doctors are advertising themselves as plastic surgeons -- and any doctor who graduated medical school can make that claim.

Start your breast implant research by getting a list of surgeons' names.

Talk to friends who have had breast implant surgery. Talk to your general physician or gynecologist. A referral from a satisfied patient who has a breast implant is the best recommendation. Once you have a list of potential surgeons, schedule a brief, free-of-charge consultation with each doctor.

Questions to Ask About Breast Implant Surgery

Asking the following questions will help you get the best results -- with no surprises.

Take two copies of this list when you meet with each cosmetic surgeon -- one for you and one for the surgeon. Don't be afraid to ask the tough questions. Smart questions let the surgeon know you've done your homework. You'll also learn about the surgeon's qualifications, experience, and demeanor. Getting everything out in the open will increase your comfort level, and you'll go into the surgery relaxed and confident that you have made the best choice.

The Surgeon's Qualifications and Experience

1. Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery? If not, why not?

2. How long have you been performing breast implant surgery?

3. How many breast implant surgeries do you perform a month?

4. How many revisions of your own work, on average, do you perform?

5.Have you been involved in any medical malpractice suits?

6. Do you have hospital privileges at an accredited surgical facility? Which hospitals?

The Surgeon’s Past Work

7. Can I see some before-and-after photos?

8. Can I speak with some of your past breast implant patients?

9. Is there someone on your staff who has been a patient, and can I speak to them?

10. If I don't like the results of my surgery, what can I do?


Breast Implants:

11. Are silicone breast implants or saline implants better for me -- and why?

12. What breast size do you suggest for my body frame?

13. Will I lose any sensation in my nipples or breasts?

14. Will I be able to breastfeed after having implants?

15. Will the implants make mammograms less accurate in detecting breast cancer?

16. Do you have a video I can watch about breast implant surgery?

17. What is the warranty for this breast implant, and what fees do I have to pay if it ruptures?

Breast Implant Complications and Risk:

18. What are the possible risks of breast implant surgery?

19. Is it possible to prevent breast implants from rupturing, rippling, or wrinkling?

20. Are there possible breast implant complications that I should be aware of?

21. If I have any breast implant complications, what is your policy? Do you cover expenses? Do you recommend a cosmetic surgery complication insurance policy?

Breast Implant Surgery Preparation:

22. What diet and lifestyle changes will I need to make before breast implant surgery?

23. What do you recommend to treat swelling, bruising, and pain?

24. Will my regular pills -- birth control pills, antidepressants, diet pills -- affect the anesthesia?

25. How long should I take off from work?

The Breast Implant Procedure:

26. Where will my breast implant surgery be performed, and is the surgery center accredited?

27. Is the center set up to handle a life-threatening emergency?

28. What hospital would I be taken to if there were a problem?

29. Will I have general anesthesia, and will a certified anesthesiologist administer it?

Recovery From Breast Implant Surgery:

30. If I have an emergency after going home, how can I reach you?

31. How long will healing take?

32. How soon can I get back to my regular exercise routine?

Breast Implant Financial Issues:

33. What is included in the surgical fee? What is not covered?

34. If I am not satisfied and need a revision surgery, is that included in the initial fee?

35. Is implant removal included in the initial fee?


36. If there are breast implant complications after surgery, is that included in the initial fee?

37. How much is the deposit required, and when is it due?

38. Do you offer financing, or do you expect full payment up front?

39. Do you take credit cards?

40. Will my deposit be refunded if I change my mind?


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