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Color You Gorgeous

When you leave the salon and your hair's the perfect shade, you feel like a million bucks. Your hair color is really an investment in your appearance, and you want it to stay looking great. So wait at least a whole day before washing it. After that, try to shampoo only two to three times a week to keep the color really true. On the days you skip shampooing, you can still use conditioner.

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Best Shampoo for the Job

Are you using the right shampoo? They're not all exactly the same. Use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner that don't contain sulfates, which can dull or fade your hair. Color-safe formulas help you keep that salon-fresh look and vibrant color.

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Water Helps and Hurts!

Did you know hot water can fade color faster? So wash your hair with lukewarm water. Also, watch out for chlorine when you go swimming. It can change your hair color and damage the outermost layer of hair strands, which may already be damaged by the coloring process. Before you get in the pool, wet and condition your hair, and put on a tight-fitting swimming cap.

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For Conditioning, Go Deep

Colored hair begs for extra moisture. Deep conditioning can help it stay vibrant and manageable.  At home, mix equal parts avocado, almond oil, and vitamin E oil. Apply it to damp hair and let it soak in for 10 minutes before you rinse and style as usual. You can buy serums and other deep conditioners if you don't want to mix your own. For a splurge, consider a salon deep-conditioning treatment.

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Don't Let the Sunshine In

It's great to get outside on a beautiful day, but it's not so great on your hair. Strong sunlight can leave your color dull and lifeless. Try spritzing on a hair oil mist that contains UVA and UVB filters to protect your hair. A hat works even better. Wear one whenever you go out in the sun.

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Get Extra Gloss

Don't settle for dull hair. You can get back some of its beauty. Salons offer processes that can make hair shiny again. A gloss treatment helps restore vibrant color and, like the name sounds, makes your hair shinier. A detox hair treatment can remove product buildup, leaving your hair brighter and bouncier.

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Gray is an Expert Matter

Even if you've been coloring your hair at home for years, the results may not be as good if you're starting to go gray. That's when it's time to call a pro. Gray hair tends to be wiry and difficult to color evenly.

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When Roots Attack

When those telltale roots start to grow in, hide them with a styling trick to create fullness. Rub a palm-sized amount of mousse evenly through damp hair. Spray on hairspray, including between any layers. Next, with a large, round brush, blow-dry 1-inch sections of hair. Hold the brush vertically to lift hair at the root line. This also works with a root-lifting spray.

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Quick Root Cover-Up

When you have to stretch out color appointments, a temporary root cover-up can help out in a pinch. These products come in pens, sticks, or formulas that brush on and rinse out completely after a few shampoos. Experts say that these are handy when you need a quick fix, but you shouldn't rely on them.

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Treatments: One at a Time

Colored hair is more fragile because it gets stripped of its natural moisturizers. So it's best to keep other chemical processes like straightening treatments or perms -- or even new color -- to a minimum. Chemically treated hair tends to be porous. It can grab color too easily if you dye it too often. If you have too many treatments or if you apply them the wrong way, you risk breakage or even hair loss.

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