Wrinkled Neck Solutions

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Can my wrinkled neck be lasered or peeled too?

Robert Kotler, MD
Wrinkled necks have to be treated much more delicately, much more carefully, because there is a little greater risk of problems, because the neck skin is thinner. It doesn't heal as well, it doesn't regenerate as well. The facial skin is fabulous, pretty much got that down, we're kind of still at the frontiers at what to do with the neck and the upper chest from sun damage and aging. But, a combination of bleach creams, low intensity laser like treatments, like intense pulse light, which is popular and it's good because it's safe, but you have to have a series. You can't expect it to be one blast and have the job done as when we do the chemical on the face, when it's a one time treatment. But typically over a period of a year, with 5 or 6 treatments, and they are quick, they are office visits, in and out, no down time, virtually no discomfort, add a little bleach cream into the mix, and that skin will look better. Not as perfect as the best result from a chemical skin peel on the face, but we're working on the neck.