5 Ways to Fight Wrinkles

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We all know to stay out of the sun and moisturize, but here are a few more tricks to avoiding these little signs of aging. One, toss the cigarettes. The chemicals in tobacco smoke cause your skin to sag and wrinkle prematurely. The less you puff, the smoother you'll be.

Two, avoid making repeated facial expressions. They can lead to lines. Don't suck on straws, squint to see the computer screen or frown too often. Your mom was right when she said your face will stick like that.

Three, try not to sleep on your face. It can increase wrinkles. Not getting enough sleep can also cause them. Bottom line, lie on your back and get eight hours a night.

Four, there's so many reasons to limit your sugar intake, and here's another. Collagen fibers in your skin make you look young, but sugar binds to these fibers, damaging them and leaving you with less support, which means more wrinkles.

Five, wash your face. Makeup and environmental pollutants like car exhaust, fumes, and city smog damage skin and also cause wrinkles. Cleaning your face before you hit the hay could save you from a few extra unwanted lines. These are just a few tips to keep you looking smooth.