Be Wary of Office Cosmetic Surgery

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Robert Kotler, MD
Why should I be wary if my procedure is done in a doctor's office?

Robert Kotler, MD
A doctor's office may or may not have met the standards. It may or may not have been accredited or certified. It is possible to have an operation done in a doctor's office that has not passed the test. Not a good idea, because when you've passed the test and you have the stamp of approval by the same accrediting organization often that accredits hospitals, they've given it the stamp of approval because you've got the right equipment there. And also the center follows safe, orthodox procedures, everything from hiring practices, meaning they don't hire just anybody off the street. For the nursing staff, they have to be experienced, have the right credentials, to they have to have good infection control programs. In other words, there's no B level standard if you're accredited. It's all A. But what if the doctor has chosen not to pursue that course. He can still do a procedure in his office because the law doesn't require that surgery be done in a licensed facility. I mean theoretically, you could do it in a 40 foot trailer if you wanted to. It doesn't happen that way because the ride is a little bumpy, but the reality is that these are the important questions that one should ask and should have very clear answers to before proceeding. You want to know that you are in a safe environment.