Lifestyle RX: Dry Brushing

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Do some of your everyday routines need a refresh prescription?

Here's a quick cure to invigorate a boring regimen in 60 seconds or less.

Turn your shower drill into something a little less watered down with a technique called dry brushing.

Here's how it works.

Step into the shower.

But no water yet.

Brush the skin with a dry soft bristle brush in an upward motion, working your way from your arms and legs to your chest.

The brushing is going to loosen dead skin flakes.

So rinse it out and then lather it up.

We can't guarantee that it does anything more than exfoliate your skin.

But some say it can help get rid of cellulite, flush away toxins, and improve circulation.

That's a lot to say about a little skin brushing.

At the very least, your skin will have a healthy glow without ever stepping foot into a spa.