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Janeen Loria: I'm going to play up the green in your eye, which is why I'm going to use the darker plum shades to do for your evening eye. Start with a lighter shade. I'm going to highlight under your brow first. And use colors that complement your eye color. Don't necessarily be overly concerned with the fact that you're wearing a red dress or a black dress. As long as things coordinate and work together, your look will come together. I'm moving now to a little bit richer shade of plum that has more brown in it too. Contour the eye here. The flat brush, slightly angled and going into your darker purple here.

Janice: Use that instead of an eyeliner?

Janeen Loria : This is lining your eye.

Janice: What's the advantage of using powder over, like, a liquid liner or pencil?

Janeen Loria: Well a liquid liner is applied to be a very precise, sharp line. The advantage to using a powder over that is that you can be a little more forgiving with the product. Doesn't have to go on and be so perfectly applied.

Janice: How do you choose the color of your concealer?

Janeen Loria: Ok, good question. If you've got a little redness going on under the eye, versus dark circles, go with a yellow based concealer, ok. What we're trying to achieve is just correcting that skin tone, so we don't want to use too much concealer. We want to, concealer will highlight and color correct all at the same time.

Janice: But why yellow?

Janeen Loria: Well the yellow will actually brighten and tone down the red tones. Now I'm going to go back to the foundation I used and blend together, painting the product on and patting. Do be very careful when you work around your eye. You don't want to tug and pull. You want to get the curler right into the bed of the lash and squeeze.

Janice: What's your little secret there?

Janeen Loria: Ok, there's a little trick to curling the eyelashes, which I've done prior and that's warming your eyelash curler up with your hairdryer. So it actually works as a little mini curling iron. When sweeping on your mascara, use just that motion, kind of sweep. You can also rock back and forth with your mascara wand. Never go back and forth, back and forth in the container. So you just end up drying out the product. I'm going to let those top lashes dry before I apply any mascara to the bottom.