Silver Years: Evening Eyes

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Janeen Loria
So we want to achieve a look that's a little bit more glamorous than what you would do during the day. I'm going to stick to some silvers and some greenish blue colors on her blue eyes. Make those eyes sparkle. Save your concealer for your last step. Pick up any debris of eye shadow that may fall down. The idea is to make the makeup pretty and soft, yet a little bit dressier and some of the sparkle in these shadows will dress up this eye makeup. Not too glittery, but more shimmery. Stay away from the frosted things and go to the sheerer colors that have just a little bit of sparkle for this night time look. I'm going to use a matte shadow here in the corner just to create a little bit of dimension here. Very light touch to blend that shadow. Choose only one shimmery shadow at a time. We're going to go ahead and highlight right underneath the brow. The most flattering look here at this age is to keep things soft, but I am going to use liner. I'm going to opt for a brown, a rich brown. And we're going right across the lash line on top. And make sure you get the product right into the root of the lashes. Going to create an illusion of thickening up her lashes. And the brown is nice. It's a softer alternative to black. I wanted to keep this makeup soft, but yet still give definition to her eye shape. Let's go ahead and shape the entire eye. This is going to give her more of an open eye look by lining underneath and above. Skin around the eye area is much thinner. Concealer is made to help correct what you see through. So it's a different texture than your foundation. Make sure, though, it is creamy and it's going on a moisturized skin. I'm also going to use an eyelash curler just prior to doing your mascara. Helps to open up the eye. Let's do sable. Sable is a softer black. You want to concentrate applying the product to the outer corners first. If mascara starts to get dry, run your mascara brush under hot water for a second. It'll clean the debris off your mascara brush and loosen up and soften the brush as well.