Flirty at 30: Evening Eyes

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Janeen Loria
I'm going to get a little edgy with your makeup. We're going to build it up and make it rich with your hair color and your eye color.

Is there really a rule that you should, if you highlight the eyes, or you really do the eyes that you shouldn't do the lips so much?

Janeen Loria
Is it a rule? It's a look. There are no rules in makeup. The darker shade went on first, but I'm blending it out with the lighter color. I'm going to give her lots of shadow on her lid. And we're adding sparkle for party, evening. We don't want to get too dark as we come in. Your face is narrow, your eyes are set a little more close together, so we really want to emphasize more highlight in between the bridges of the nose. You can use your concealer to do that. Really, concealer can make you look like you got a couple extra hours of sleep. I'm going to also use this to highlight under her brow. I want to extend liner on her to open up her eyes and separate, too, where they're a little bit closer together. Going to just accentuate the edges and draw that out. This is a shadow, a creamy shadow, and I'm going right on top of her eyeliner with it. I'm only going to do the corners, underneath. I'm not going to go around your entire eye with liner. I don't want to draw the eye together, I want to open. Something that could be fun to put under her eye would be this lighter shade that I use to blend the brown. I can use it underneath the eye on a small brush to open up. You're adding some color, but you're adding some highlight color. I have a little bit of gold shimmer and going right into that eyebrow too. Now for the mascara and you don't want to be shy. You want to use black, black, black. And you want to use lots. I'm even turning the wand up straight so that I can get the excess from the mascara off. And then I'm brushing it out with the brush. You tend to get a lot of mascara on the end of the wand when you pull it out, so I'm using that product to thicken up your lashes and I'm brushing it.