Bipolar Disorder Online Community

Medically Reviewed by Smitha Bhandari, MD on August 19, 2021

WebMD’s Bipolar Support Group

Living with bipolar disorder? Share your tips on coping with heightened feelings of well-being and depression, as well as common medication and treatment options.

Depressed & Bipolar Kids: Family Support

Does your child suffer from depression or bipolar disorder? If so, you both need support from family and friends. Join other parents and family members here to discuss treatments and challenges of raising a child who has depression or bipolar disorder.

Anxiety & Panic Disorders: Patricia A. Farrell, PhD

Living with an anxiety or panic disorder can be devastating. Share your feelings with psychologist Patricia Farrell, PhD, on your path to living free of fear.

Find a Therapist

Looking for a therapist? This tool can help you find qualified therapists in your area.

Find a Psychiatrist

Finding the right psychiatrist can make a big difference in the quality of your bipolar care. This tool can help you find qualified psychiatrists in your area.