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The Diagnosis I Never Expected

I thought about suicide every single day. I never realized that was unusual because it was never discussed. I just assumed everyone thought this way.

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What I Learned About Bipolar Medication

I assumed the first medications prescribed to me would be the perfect regimen. My unrealistic view of how psychiatry and medication worked set me up to be very disappointed.

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How I Explain Bipolar to Family and Friends

As frustrating as it was that my loved ones didn’t understand my illness, I had to keep in mind that I didn’t initially understand it, either.

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What Progress and Recovery Look Like

For me, the most realistic definition is that I’m spending more time living my life than managing bipolar disorder.

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Facing the Stigma of Bipolar Disorder

People believe we are unable to work, can’t be in stable relationships, and must live off our parents, among other things.

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How My Lifestyle Affects My Bipolar Disorder

Medication and therapy are extremely important, but they aren’t the entire solution.

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How I Made Marriage Work With Bipolar

Trying to use my wife as a treatment for mental illness is literally crazy. Pardon the pun.

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Managing My Bipolar Mania

Yes, being manic did feel good, but it came at a cost.

Life With Bipolar Disorder
Gabe Howard
Writer and Mental Health Advocate

Diagnosed with bipolar 1 and anxiety disorders in 2003, Gabe Howard puts a human face on what it means to live with mental illness. He is an award-winning writer, mental health advocate, and sought-after speaker. He is the host of The Psych Central Show podcast; a regular contributor to Psych Central, Bipolar Magazine, and other online journals; and a speaker all over the United States on the topic of living with bipolar disorder. He lives in Columbus, Ohio, with his wife, Kendall. He can be found online at