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Ordering groceries, managing your investments, finding a dog walker—there isn’t much you can’t do from your smartphone, and now getting birth control is just as convenient! With Nurx, you can connect online with licensed medical providers who evaluate your health history and, if appropriate, prescribe birth control that’s right for you. Nurx then sends your prescription to your door for free.

Read the 5 Big Reasons Women Love Getting Birth Control Through NURX:



“I did it all from the computer so I didn’t have to drive anywhere or pay and copays! To be able to get birth control online instead of having to drive all the way to the doctor and miss work is so much easier.”


Access prescription birth control from your phone or computer on your schedule. How it works: Just answer a few questions about your health history for our medical team to review. Then, they’ll write you a prescription and we'll deliver the medication to your door. We typically send three months’ worth of medication at a time, and refills are automatic.



“I was surprised by how fast everything was. The time from when I ordered and got it in the mail was not long at all.”


Once you submit your health information, Nurx will fill the prescription at our own pharmacy or one of our partner pharmacies and deliver birth control to your door in under 5 days.



“It feels like it’s much more on my terms because it’s not face-to-face. I don’t have to have an uncomfortable conversation.”

—M, Colorado

Nurx recognizes that not everybody has access to non-judgmental care, and women aren’t always comfortable talking to their doctors or local pharmacists about birth control. Patients tell us they love the ability to ask questions and get medical advice through our confidential app. We always send medication in discreet packaging.



“I actually saved money using Nurx instead of going to my doctor just to get birth control. I had already been several times this year and money was tight.” —LB

We bill your insurance if you have it, but it’s no problem if you don’t. Women with insurance usually have a $0 copay for their medication, and non-insurance options start at just $15 per month. In addition, getting birth control through Nurx means no time off work for physician appointments, no transportation costs, and no paying for babysitting. Plus, delivery is always free.

Quality Care

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“I messaged Nurx telling them how I didn’t like how the prescription was making me feel. Literally within an hour someone responded to help me. Within a day, my new prescription was on its way with the right hormone dosage. I was pretty amazed.” —Sara, Florida

Our team of licensed doctors and nurse practitioners are available to help our patients find the best birth control for their bodies. Ask them anything (really), no appointment required.

What Our Medical Team Says

“Birth control prescribed remotely by licensed providers is a safe, convenient, and affordable option that every woman should know about.” —Julie Graves, MD.

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“I’m enthusiastic about the Nurx mission to eliminate unnecessary barriers and provide excellent care in a way that is affordable and accessible. It’s great to be a part of a team that’s committed to passionately serving patients.” —Kim Boyd, MD, Nurx Medical Director

“I love the ease of direct communication between provider and patient. I love answering questions and helping someone understand their options. I love that patients don’t need an appointment to get what they need!” —Cristin Hackel, NP

What Else?

Birth control is only the beginning. Nurx also prescribes and delivers PrEP and mails patients at-home test kits so they can do the necessary labs in the privacy of your home. Our HPV and STI Home Test Kits help people protect themselves from cervical cancer and sexually transmitted infections privately and on their own schedules.

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