Custom Bra Fittings for Breast Cancer Survivors

Medically Reviewed by Poonam Sachdev on October 29, 2021

Perfect Balance Boutique is owned and operated by Kimberly Gerhard. Her boutique specializes in custom breast prostheses, bra fittings, and even wigs. Kimberly herself is a breast cancer survivor. She empathizes with other survivors and understands how difficult it can be to get a mastectomy or to find comfortable bras and prostheses to promote confidence in survivors. 

Kimberly opened her boutique after seeing a need for a dedicated store that caters to breast cancer survivors. She wants to help improve the quality of life for her customers by offering unique products for any woman. Kimberly's boutique is bringing to light something that some may not get talked about a lot. 

There is a private fitting room in the boutique that you can get measured in. You can find the right bra and prosthesis if that’s something you’re looking for. Kimberly feels like her store is making an impact when she hears people travel over two hours to come to her boutique for a fitting. 

Whether you’ve chosen reconstruction, prefer a prosthesis, or choose to go flat, there should be options for you. You also don’t have to stick to one option forever. When more options are available, you have the freedom to choose what makes you feel good each day. 

The perfectly fitting bra or prosthesis can make you feel good, empowering you and give you confidence in your body. You may be empowered to go without any cups or prostheses, of course, but it doesn't hurt to have a bra that fits any look you’re going for.

The Perfect Balance Boutique aims to provide comfort and support to breast cancer survivors everywhere. Kimberly and her boutique are happy to welcome any survivor, offering a chance to help them feel like themselves again.

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