Brooke Kuhn

As a Medical Writer at WebMD, Brooke researches medical stories, interviews experts in the field, and writes daily articles.

Brooke began her career in the health field in 1993. After graduating from Vassar College with a bachelor's in biopsychology, she worked for three years as Assistant Director of Telemedicine and Distance Learning with Optical Communications Corporation, evaluating fiber-optic developments which improve the delivery of education and medical diagnostic services. Concomitantly, she served as an emergency medical technician on an ambulance and wrote articles for both physician and lay audiences for Anesthesiology News and Johns Hopkins' Women's Health.

Just before beginning her masters in public health at Harvard University, she worked as Project Manager of International Healthcare Development Inc., where she negotiated prices on pharmaceutical, medical, and surgical products to be exported and wrote a multimillion-dollar bid on competitive pricing for supplies.

While pursuing her graduate degree, she received the professional honor of being selected for the Association of Schools of Public Health/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-funded internship at one of CDC's Communications Offices. Also, while in school, she interned at WHDH-TV (Boston NBC-affiliate) with their "Healthcast."

As she received her degree in public health, Brooke received a Harvard award for "Outstanding leadership, dedication, and commitment to community service."

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