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ASCO Conference Highlights 2018

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June 4, 2018 -- The American Society of Clinical Oncology--one of the biggest cancer conferences of the year--is underway in Chicago. Here's what's making news:

New Treatments May Boost Pancreatic Cancer Odds

Experimental Breast Cancer Drug Shows 'Modest' Benefit

  • A new and highly targeted drug slowed the growth of advanced breast cancers by about an average of two months, researchers report.

Drug A New Weapon Against Advanced Lung Tumors

Is Kidney Removal Really Needed In Advanced Kidney Cancer?

  • Many people with advanced kidney cancer might not need to have their kidneys removed during treatment, something that until now has been standard practice.

Could A Blood Test Spot Lung Cancer Early?

  • Genetic blood testing is showing potential as a means of catching some early stage cancers, researchers are reporting.

Many With Early Breast Cancer May Not Need Chemo

  •  A majority of women with an early form of a common breast cancer may be able to skip chemotherapy, depending on the results of a comprehensive gene test.
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