Make the Most of Your Cancer Support System

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Having support during your cancer treatment process is extremely important. Not only is it a second pair of ears at the consultation to process all the information that's given, but it's also somebody who can help provide emotional support and then physical support. Family and friends are often jumping at the bit with what can they do to help. If patients can really think about what it is that would be helpful, they can delegate those tasks to that support system.

That might be contacting family and friends and giving updates. It might be handling refills of medications. It might be cooking meals or doing the grocery shopping, folding a load of laundry, taking the kids for an afternoon. There's a lot of things that people do on a day-to-day basis that could be done by someone else. You just have to ask.

It's harder to get through this process alone. So trying to find a support system, whether it's through an organization or whether it's through a hospital navigator or patient-to-patient set up that you can just have somebody to talk to who's been through it, but having somebody to walk through the process and the journey with you is recommended.