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    Are You in Danger?

    Untreated high cholesterol can threaten your very life.

    Eating Well: A Diet for High Cholesterol

    Your Lower-Cholesterol Diet: Tips for a Healthy Heart
    Feed your heart well, and you can reverse high cholesterol. Here are tasty tips for a low-cholesterol diet to protect your heart.
    50 Foods to Help You Lower Cholesterol
    Your kitchen is your friend. Stock it with these 50 foods and spices to help lower cholesterol every time you grab a bite.
    Dining Out: Cholesterol-Friendly Meals to Order
    Many restaurants offer delicious, low-fat, low-cholesterol meals. Here's how to order cholesterol-smart dishes when dining out.

    Lower Cholesterol Naturally: Do Exercises and Supplements Work?

    Supplements and Herbs for Lower Cholesterol
    Garlic, red yeast rice, soybeans, and more. Which can really lower your cholesterol? How much do you need?
    Exercises That Help Lower Cholesterol
    How often, and how hard, do you need to exercise to lower cholesterol? Find out which exercises are best.
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