How Is Colorectal Cancer Treated?

Now that you know what is wrong, your next step is to determine the best course of treatment for your colorectal cancer. You have several options to consider. Your doctor will advise you on the best approach to take. Treatments may include the following, alone, or in combination:

  1. Surgery
  2. Chemotherapy
  3. Radiation
  4. Biological therapy

As with many cancers, a team approach to treating colorectal cancer is often used. In addition to receiving care by nurses, social workers and counselors, and dieticians, you may also be treated by one or more of the following doctor specialists.

  • Surgeon
  • Gastroenterologist, a doctor who specializes in treating diseases of the digestive system
  • Medical oncologist , a doctor who specializes in treating cancer with medicine, including chemotherapy and biological therapy
  • Radiation oncologist, a doctor who specializes in treating cancer using radiation

Each of the above specialists brings special skills to the treatment of cancer.

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SOURCE: American Cancer Society.

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