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What Do Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plans Offer?

By Kyle Kirkland
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plans offer several medical and non-medical benefits not covered by Original Medicare. Here’s what they can offer you.

With Medicare Advantage, or Medicare Part C, you buy your medical insurance policies from private companies, such as Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. These insurance policies operate as an alternative to Original Medicare (Parts A and B). Read on for more specifics about Anthem’s Medicare Advantage offerings.

Medical Benefits Under Anthem Medicare Advantage Plans

One major benefit of Medicare Advantage plans is the option to add dental and vision care. Regular dental or vision care is typically not covered under Original Medicare, but many Anthem Medicare Advantage plans come with these benefits built-in. In certain states, you can also purchase a separate dental and vision package to add on to your Anthem Medicare Advantage plan

Many of Anthem’s plans also offer prescription drug coverage to help you manage all your medical needs through one plan. This simplifies things for those who rely on certain prescription medications to maintain their health. Unlike Original Medicare, you won't need to buy a separate Medicare Part D policy for your drug coverage with these plans.

Additionally, Anthem’s Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plans offer some options with no premiums, meaning you won’t have to pay a monthly cost to have the insurance.

Anthem also offers PPO (preferred provider organization) and HMO (health maintenance organization) plans. Each type of plan has its benefits, so you have options to see which plan works best for you. 

Non-Medical Benefits Under Anthem Medicare Advantage Plans

In addition to medical benefits, Anthem’s Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plans offer non-medical benefits that can help improve your overall health. 

Anthem’s Medicare Advantage Plan offers a SilverSneakers membership, which allows you to attend fitness classes that focus on building important areas of your physical health like stamina and flexibility. These classes help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, regardless of your age. 

All of Anthem's Medicare Advantage plans also offer no-cost preventive benefits such as intensive behavioral therapy for obesity, diabetes self-management training to help you eat healthily and monitor your blood sugar, and counseling to help you stop smoking or using tobacco. 

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