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What Do Cigna Medicare Advantage Plans Offer?

By Adrienne Keller
Cigna Medicare Advantage Plans offer bundled plan coverage, including medical and non-medical benefits.

Medicare Advantage Plans are policies offered by private insurers who must follow Medicare's rules and regulations in order to deliver, at base, the same coverage as Original Medicare Parts A and B. However, many Advantage plans go beyond this base coverage. Cigna Medicare Advantage Plans are one such option. Find out which benefits and additional services and programs are available through Cigna as you shop for Medicare Advantage Plans.

Medical Benefits Under Cigna Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Plans offered through Cigna provide comprehensive medical coverage as an alternative option to Original Medicare. They are part of the U.S. government’s Medicare program offering affordable health care coverage to those who qualify.

Cigna Medicare Advantage Plans offer the following coverage:

  • Medicare Part A (hospital coverage), which includes inpatient care, stays in skilled nursing facilities, nursing home care, hospice care, and home health care.
  • Medicare Part B (medical coverage), which includes services deemed medically necessary, preventative services, ambulance services, mental health services, durable medical equipment (DME), and some prescription drugs.
  • Many plans offer extra benefits like vision, dental, and hearing coverage, wellness programs, and discounts on health-related items.
  • Many plans also offer Part D, or prescription drug coverage.

A variety of Medicare Advantage Plans are provided by Cigna to help meet your specific health care needs without the need to buy supplemental insurance, according to Cigna Healthcare. These plans are also often available at lower costs than Original Medicare. You can search for the specific plans available in your zip code using the official Cigna website. 

Non-Medical Benefits Under Cigna Medicare Advantage

In addition to the hospital, medical, and prescription coverage provided by most Cigna Medicare Advantage Plans, many plans also offer non-medical benefits that are not covered through Original Medicare.

Cigna Medicare Advantage plans offer a range of these additional benefits at no extra cost, although you may need to meet certain requirements to qualify for them. These benefits include:

  • Cigna case managers for qualifying individuals navigating chronic health problems.
  • Medication therapy management provided by a Cigna pharmacist for qualifying individuals who have multiple medications or conditions to keep track of.
  • Benefits CheckUp, which can help you find additional programs that may cover expenses for housing, food, or prescriptions.
  • Health and wellness discounts for procedures and items such as LASIK eye surgery, yoga products, and acupuncture.
  • Cost savings offered through Cigna preferred providers and network pharmacies.

Some Cigna Medicare Advantage plans also offer supplemental benefits. These benefits can include a quarterly allowance for over-the-counter medications, transportation services, fitness center memberships or home fitness programs, home-delivered meals following a stay in a hospital, as well as a yearly dental allowance.

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