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Popular E-Cigarette Brands Linked to Vaping Illnesses

By WebMD Connect to Care Staff
Some of the vaping world's most popular brands have been linked to recent cases of vaping related injury and illness.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one common trend among the 2,700+ hospitalized and 60 deaths as a result of e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated injury (EVALI) was that 82 percent of hospitalized patients cited using THC-based products, including one-third using solely those products.

Now knowing the majority of the cases stem from marijuana/THC-based products, the CDC was able to pinpoint certain e-cigarette brands and products that may be linked to these serious injuries. For instance, investigators in Wisconsin and Illinois found that two-thirds (66 percent) of the 86 patients dealing with lung injury or illness interviewed said they used THC-based products from Dank Vapes.

According to the CDC's report, Dank Vapes was the most prominent label found among mostly counterfeit brands. Details on Dank Vapes remain murky, though. Reports claim Dank Vapes isn't a "legitimate company" but rather a popular label on many counterfeit products created and distributed by unknown makers.

While many fingers are pointed at Dank Vapes, other culprits exist whether nicotine- or THC-based. That same group of patients reported using various product brand names including:


  • TKO
  • Off White
  • Moon Rocks
  • Chronic Carts
  • Cookies
  • Smart Carts
  • Kingpen


  • JUUL
  • Smok
  • Suorin Drop
  • Naked

While the majority of patients surveyed admitted to obtaining these products from informal sources—friends, dealers or online—certain manufacturers took offense to being named and subsequently blamed for the outbreak of injury and illness.

Kingpen manufacturer Loudpack issued a statement, clarifying the distinction between their reputable and legal products sold only at California dispensaries and those claiming to be the Kingpen brand obtained elsewhere.

The statement reads:

"The Kingpen products in the CDC report are dangerous because they are illegal. They are not regulated or tested—nor are they the award-winning, authentic products manufactured by Loudpack. Legal, regulated, licensed and tested cannabis companies must stop being blamed for the actions by illegal entities, who we work day and night to prevent from putting more patients and consumers in harm’s way."

Regardless of what brand is purchased and used, unfortunately, users still don't know what is in the product, unless obtained via a legal dispensary.