Published on Apr 01, 2021

Video Transcript

JOHN WHYTE: Hi, I'm Dr. John Whyte, Chief Medical Officer of WebMD. Give me just 60 seconds, and it might save your life. Here's three reasons to get the COVID vaccine.

Number one, it's been studied more than any other vaccine. Over 100,000 people in clinical trials. Tens of millions of people have already been vaccinated. If there was a problem, we'd know about it by now. And it's not a coincidence, the deaths have decreased as we started immunizing.

Number two, COVID is much more infectious and deadly than we originally thought. So if everyone around you is getting vaccinated and you're not, you might be the one that becomes infected. And it's not just about death. It's also about the long-term complications that you could be experiencing for years.

And three, why not wait especially with all the talk about the variants? No one knows whether we'll need boosters. What we do know is that the current vaccines protect you now. Still unsure? Talk to your doctor or talk to your friend, who's been vaccinated, and find out their experience.