Medscape Launches New Unit to Support Pharmaceutical Medical Affairs

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New York, NY, May 7, 2021:  With pharmaceutical and biotechnology medical affairs teams now seen as key strategic partners in ensuring the introduction of new treatments into clinical practice, Medscape has launched Medscape Medical Affairs, a new business unit that will support those teams in serving as a strategic pillar alongside Clinical Development and Commercialization teams, to accelerate the adoption of life-changing therapies into clinical practice.

Leveraging Medscape, the leading health information, education and point-of-care platform for physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide, the Medical Affairs unit will focus on delivering actionable insights and knowledge transfer, including:

  • Insights on clinical practice patterns, using behavioral analyses of Medscape’s more than 5 million physician members across more than 25 years of existence;
  • Compelling perceptions from knowledge transfer to deliver a story of impact supporting the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) reporting for medical affairs functions;
  • Equipping internal teams, like Medical Sales Liaisons to assess and support the work with international, national and regional thought leaders;
  • Engagement with thought-leaders and experts, to accelerate the appropriate implementation of novel therapies by increasing clinician knowledge and supporting appropriate adoption in clinical practice.

“Medical affairs teams have a strategic role that is integral to enhancing market knowledge, facilitating market preparation and deploying optimal adoption of new treatments,” said Christina Hoffman, Global Head, Medscape Medical Affairs.  “With our new strategic unit, we can partner to deliver the insights and information on clinician behaviors, barriers and other challenges to adoption with tools that help facilitate collaboration between internal teams, physicians, and the broader medical community.”

To learn more about partnering with Medscape Medical Affairs in transforming your medical affairs organization, please contact Christina Hoffman at [email protected]

About Medscape Medical Affairs

Medscape Medical Affairs partners with Medical Affairs teams to facilitate optimal collaboration between internal teams, physicians, and the broader medical community. By working with medical affairs professionals, Medscape Medical Affairs allows them to take a more strategic leadership role and maximize the impact of medical activities in accelerating the adoption of life-changing therapies into clinical practice.

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