WebMD's Symptom Finder: Physical Symptoms of Depression - Head / Neck

Headaches, neck aches, dizziness. These problems have many causes, including stress, tension, and medical conditions. They also can be physical symptoms of depression. If you are prone to headaches, they may get worse when you're depressed. Depression has a way of magnifying pain, because you're more focused on negative things - a hallmark of depression.

NOTE: If your headache is the worst one you've ever experienced or it is associated with vomiting, fever, stiff neck, visual changes or other symptoms, see a health care provider right away.

Insomnia is also common among depressed people and can be debilitating. It can rob the body of energy, causing fatigue, slowing the body down, making every day a struggle. If you have stress in your life - you're in the middle of a breakup, or have a loved one who is ill - the stress can have a physical impact. Stress and depression can lead to both insomnia and fatigue. Excessive sleeping can also be a symptom of depression.

Keeping a symptom diary can help you identify patterns and understand what may be triggering your symptoms. Print out this symptom diary, and fill it out. Then take it to your doctor to discuss what may be causing your symptoms.

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