Reviewed by Kathleen Zelman on January 25, 2017


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Stacy H., 40
Houston, TX
I run every day. I think the key to managing diabetes while exercising is to never give up. I've learned new ways to be safe but still run hard. I always carry some type of nut bar. If my blood sugar gets low during a run, the bar has enough carbs to bring my sugar back up and let me make it home.
Joe E., 34
Alpharetta, GA
At restaurants, you aren't in the kitchen so you don't know exactly what's going into what you order. Asking your server about portion sizes or making a simple substitution, like a grilled vegetable side instead of mashed potatoes, can be a very smart move in managing your blood sugar.
Phyllisa D., 37
Pompano Beach, FL
Going for evening walks has helped me. Mentally, I use that time to release the stress of being a working mother. Physically, it helps me maintain my weight. I also enjoy doing 5k races. I started walking. Now I can jog a little bit. Eating dinner on a dessert plate helped lower my fasting blood sugar and I lost weight.