Many Young Teens Destined to Have Diabetes

Study: 40% of 8th Graders Have Prediabetes

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June 4, 2004 -- Type 2 diabetes is the destiny of many young teens, a U.S. study predicts.

The NIH-funded survey sampled 1,700 eighth-grade kids in Houston, North Carolina, and Southern California. More than half were Hispanic, and a fourth were African American -- U.S. groups at particular risk for type 2 diabetes.

The young teens underwent a battery of tests. Only 0.4% of the kids already had type 2 diabetes. But:

"These data demonstrate high levels of obesity, pre-diabetes, and the metabolic syndrome among middle school children," the researchers note.

Is diabetes these teens' destiny? Not necessarily. The current findings represent the first phase of the study, which is testing ways to prevent type 2 diabetes.

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SOURCE: 64th Annual Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association, Orlando, Fla., June 4-8, 2004.

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