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As Senior Clinical Writer and MD Business Editor at WebMD, Diana embarks on a third exciting career in health care writing and editing. Starting at Little, Brown and Company in Boston, Diana worked for most of the major medical and nursing publishers and along the way became managing editor of four journals -- two in ophthalmology and one each in anesthesiology and psychiatry. She also co-wrote and edited many medical and nursing books, including the 22nd edition of the much-respected Washington University Manual of Medical Therapeutics. Among numerous awards, Diana received the Certificate of Recognition for Contributions to Medical Communications from the American Medical Writers Association.

During these years, Diana's consuming interest in what makes writing work led her to develop several courses in editing thought and technique and present them in various venues, from individual instruction to the Editing Certificate Program at Fairfield University in Fairfield, Conn. (Diana is originally from Westport, Conn.) Through her work as Editorial Director at Springhouse Corporation, the largest and most successful nursing publisher of the 1980s, Diana also had the opportunity to write about clinical topics in a direct, personal style for the company's books and magazines.

In the late '80s, Diana began work as a pharmaceutical copywriter -- a new writing challenge combining strategic persuasion with creativity and a keen eye for fair balance. Her work at four advertising agencies, most recently for Adair-Greene in Atlanta, helped build sales for over 50 branded pharmaceutical products. Again drawing on her intensive experience, Diana's most recent writing course is "Pharmaceutical Copywriting for Creative Medical Writers."

Thankful for her good fortune in career choices, Diana is very happy about returning to medical/clinical writing at the moment WebMD is indelibly transforming it.

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