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Reviewed by Brunilda Nazario on December 29, 2014


James Hill, PhD Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine, University of Colorado School of Medicine.

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I’m often asked the question of which is more important in weight loss, diet or exercise and in fact that is an unanswerable question.

They are both so interlinked that you can’t forget one versus the other.

For example, it’s perfectly possible to lose weight with no exercise. You can lose weight with diet.

But, to keep it off, what we find in our study of successful people is about 6% of people are able to keep weight off without exercise, 94% use exercise to keep it off.

So while diet may be the driver of weight loss, exercise becomes way more important in weight loss maintenance, and diet doesn’t become less important, it’s still critical and the key is, matching the two.

What you want to do is to add exercise as part of your life, which makes your metabolism work well, which burns calories, which now allows you to use your head and develop a smart diet, which matches your energy expenditure.