mature couple riding bicycles
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Pedal Away Pizza

Next time you decide to have an extra slice of pepperoni pie at dinner, ride your bike to the restaurant. A 10-mile round trip would burn it off with calories to spare. A price worth paying for good pie? 1 slice: 308 calories.

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couple dancing at night
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Dance for Doughnuts

Feeling guilty about those two jelly doughnuts you downed on your morning commute? Guilt doesn’t burn calories, but dancing does. It’ll take over 2 hours to dance off those fat-fried, sugar-coated globs of glory, so bring comfortable shoes. 2 jellies: 578 calories.

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mature woman in bed
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Sleep Off That Sandwich

A 150-pound person burns 95 calories an hour while sleeping. So a BLT would be enough to fuel your body during a 3-hour nap. Good sleep can help appetite and weight management as well. BLT: 303 calories.

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walking in nature
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Hike for Hot Dogs

That chili dog seemed like such a good idea at lunch. Now, not so much. No problem: Just strap on a backpack and go for a hike. It’ll take less than an hour to burn off that dog, and you’ll get a little slice of the great outdoors to boot. 1 chili dog: 296 calories.

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man on sofa watching tv
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Sit for a Sundae

If you want to burn off that triple-scoop with hot fudge, nuts, and whipped cream by sitting on the couch, it’s gonna take a while -- 6.36 hours to be exact.  You could run it off in less than 2 hours and get some great health benefits besides. But, hey, it’s your call. Three-scoop sundae: 852 calories.

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mature woman walking briskly
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Cruise That Cake Off

Bummed about that slice of chocolate cake you scarfed down at today’s office birthday party? Go outside and walk it off. It’ll take 2 hours or more, though, so get the birthday girl to cover for you while you’re gone. 1 slice: 537 calories.

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woman throwing bowling ball
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Bowl for Biscuits

If you want to bowl your way to 4 inches of round, fluffy, buttermilk goodness, it would take about an hour and a half. One homemade buttermilk biscuit: 357 calories.

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woman rowing a scull
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Row for a Root Beer

Keep pulling those oars if you want to enjoy that liquid sugar rush without regret. It’ll take about a half-hour to earn one 16-ounce bottle. Ever tried to row for a half-hour straight? You have to really love root beer. Sixteen ounces of root beer: 202 calories.

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cross country skiing
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Ski for Spaghetti

Cross-country skiing burns a whopping 500 calories an hour, so you’ll definitely be ready for a steaming plate of pasta at the end of the day. Three hours on the trail would more than earn you a double serving: about 1,340 calories.

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