Ways to Avoid Overeating

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Have you tried these ways to battle overeating? Say you just finished a great meal or a snack and you're still hungry, try this.

Brush your teeth, or use mouthwash, or chew some gum. This signals your brain you're done eating. So don't forget to pack a stick of gum next time you go out to eat.

Or think inside the box, the crayon box. An adult coloring book is a fun distraction to keep your hands busy and help take food off your mind.

Track what you're eating to keep yourself accountable. You can use an app that helps you count calories, or you can check nutrition labels which show you how to measure out one serving of packaged food.

Think about what you drink too. A cocktail before dinner may make you more likely to overeat. But a cup of coffee or flavored tea after your meal may help you feel full. Sip it slowly and enjoy.

So next time you feel like grabbing more grub, put into action this food for thought.